The romantic river landscape of the Middle Rhine Valley (Mittelrheintal) has enchanted visitors for centuries and has therefore been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 2002. Find out for yourself the highlights of this unique, beautiful and diverse region.


The world famous Drosselgasse...

... can be found about 100 metres away from our hotel. Live music, dance and entertainment is offered from midday to midnight in the 144-metre lane. The famous wine taverns and pubs invite you to meet people from all over the world.

Middle Rhine Valley (Mittelrheintal) — UNESCO world heritage

Rüdesheim is the gate to the romantic Middle Rhine Valley (Mittelrheintal). This unique landscape was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in June 2002. Numerous small towns, some of them established by the Romans about 2,000 years ago, are sited along the Rhine at a length of 65 kilometres. No other place on earth offers as many castles on such a small place as this valley. Explore this cultural landscape by boat, car, train or bike.

Wine tasting

Along the 50th latitude, between the Rhine and Taunus range, the famous Rheingau vineyards can be found. The mild climate in this region allows excellent Riesling and Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) wines to be grown. So when visiting Rüdesheim make sure not to miss a wine tasting, preferably directly at one of the numerous wine growers.

Cable car to the Niederwald monument

One of the highlights of a visit to Rüdesheim is a cable car trip to the Niederwald monument. Enjoy the very special experience of slowly "flying" over the vineyards and indulging in the fantastic panoramic view of Rüdesheim and the silvery shimmering Rhine with its green islands. Around the Niederwald monument you will find numerous marked hiking trails. The "Adlerwarte" (ornithological eagle station) invites you to see different birds of prey.

Our special excursion offer: 1/2 day trip. Cable car trip to Niederwald with a visit to the Niederwald monument and the ornithological eagle station. 2.5 km hike through Rossel and Zauberhöhle ("magic eave") to the hunting castle. Ride with the chairlift to Assmannshausen. Back to Rüdesheim by hiking through the vineyards (approx. 5 km) or by boat, bus, train or taxi.

Wine Museum Brömserburg

Wine culture and history are presented in a unique way at the 1,000 year old Brömserburg, one of the oldest castles along the Middle Rhine. 2,000 ancient as well as modern wine-related exhibits are waiting to excite you. Guided tours including wine tastings can be arranged on demand. The Brömserburg is a 5-minute walk away from the hotel.


The Rüdesheim Winzerexpress takes you on a tour through the vineyards while providing details on wine growing as well as explaining the sights along the way. Its departure point can be found in the Oberstrasse in front of "Siegfried's Music Museum" about 100 metres away from the hotel.

Boat trips

Boat tours to the romantic Middle Rhine Valley (UNESCO world heritage) are offered daily from March to November. Choose between several trips to the castles or to the Loreley. Or how about a nostalgia tour with the paddle steamer "Goethe"?

The departure quay is only a 5-minute walk away from the hotel.


There are numerous well marked hiking trails in and around Rüdesheim inviting you to trips through vineyards and the Taunus woods. Combine your hike with a boat, cable car or train trip.

The perfectly marked premium hiking trail "Rheinsteig" goes from Wiesbaden all the way to Bonn. With its excellent train, bus and boat connections, Rüdesheim is the perfect starting point for short trips and long-distance hikes.


Rüdesheim is the ideal starting point for bike tours of all kind, be it easy-going family bike tours, racing bike trips or mountainbiking.

Please ask at reception for further information and advice, we will be happy to help.

Abbey of St. Hildegard

The "country of St. Hildegard" stretches from monastery Schönau to Kirchheimbolanden as well as from Idar-Oberstein to Mainz. Located in Rüdesheim, you are right in the middle of this ancient cultural region where Hildegard von Bingen once worked. Use the abbey as a starting point to discover the interesting and exciting places of activity of this great visionary. Learn more about "Hildegard country" and what it may offer you at www.land-der-hildegard.de.